Multicultural Self-Esteem Academy, Inc.


With the blessing of God, Anthony Phillips started the Self-Esteem Program in August of 2000. The program was initially started to address low self-esteem among school aged youth in the East Austin community. The Self-Esteem Academy began operating as an informal organization and collaborated with various entities.

After providing services to many of the youth, we encountered a greater need that spoke to the entire city of Austin. In July of 2001, we changed the name to the Multicultural Self-Esteem Academy (MSEA) and opened our program to the entire city of Austin, specifically the at risk youth. The exigent need for MSEA's program offerings have generated an extraordinary amount of support and encouragement from the Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos and San Antonio communities.

MSEA formalized and expanded by adding six additional programs: Cultural Arts Education, Therapeutic Youth Intervention Program, Dos Idiom as Y Dos Culturas (Introductory Spanish), Teen Mentoring, Community Outreach and Information Technology. We now plan to provide the youth and their families with the necessary tools to succeed in the 21st century.  We are currently serving Houston TX and Surrounding counties.

MSEA became a non-profit corporation on June 21, 2004.

Multicultural Self-Esteem Academy, Inc.

Non-Profit Organization

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